Friday, October 30, 2009

Welcome to the Official Blog of the Round Rock Honey Company!

Every week a call is made, or an email sent, to Round Rock Honey asking about the specifics of what it is like to keep bees, sell honey, and run a growing company. This blog is for all those aspiring entrepreneurs, all the wanna-bees, and everyone else who just wants to learn more about honey production, beekeeping, and the trials and joys of running a small business. Enjoy!


  1. Congrats on starting the blog! You're going to have a blast with it, and it looks like you've already found a rhythm. Thanks for sharing that White House honey article. I look forward to reading more about the interesting life of a beekeeping family.

    Thanks for letting me attend the class today. I learned so much and enjoyed sharing the soaked honeycomb with my boys!

    Addie Broyles

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